Who Am I

Hi! I'm Chelsea. I am the creator of Chelsea Buns Cross Stitch. 

My late Grandmother was the inspiration for my cross stitch addiction. She stitched the entire time I was growing up and I was always fascinated with her skill. Her art hangs in my home and is a constant reminder to pursue what I love. You can find more information about Grandma P below!

I love adventure, creative projects, and things that challenge me. Most recently, I rode my motorcycle out to Saskatchewan with my father and a good friend of ours. It was the trip of a lifetime! 


Our Logo

The logo for Chelsea Buns Cross Stitch is a reflection of my entire life. When I was little and all throughout school, my parents and my friends would call me Chelsea Buns as a cute nickname. These days, I usually wear my hair in a top bun which my man is not a massive fan of (even though he rarely admits this!).


I wanted a logo that was memorable and cheeky. This ended up being the perfect fit to honour my family memories, both old and new. In addition, I really wanted something to help build out a brand that is full of kindness, compassion, and happiness. 

I think we nailed it. 

Who is Grandma P?

Everyone has a story as to how and why they got started. I can't say I really knew how much my Grandma impacted my life prior to her passing, which is unfortunate. To be honest, she was actually probably the grandparent I knew the least. But as my life goes on and I spend more time thinking about it, I've come to realize that she really did pass stitching on to me and it has changed my life's course in incredible ways. 


Grandma P was definitely a hard ass. She attempted to keep my Dad in line but I'm not sure how successful she was. Her and my Grandfather grew up during the depression but even though times were tough, they fostered many children as well as having 3 of their own. Never one to mince words, she always told you what was on her mind even if you weren't ready to hear it. 


The biggest and best thing I remember about Grandma P though, was the fact that every time we went to her house she was stitching. She stitched for pretty much all the years I was growing up. She was insanely talented and I am thrilled to have so many of her pieces in my possession today. 

All that being said, her stubbornness and compassion are both traits I inherited and are part of why I am where I am today. I stitch today because I saw her stitch my entire childhood. Chelsea Buns wouldn't exist without her influence, and for that I am super grateful. Thanks Grandma P. Hope you're sipping champagne and stitching away on a cloud with an endless supply of DMC.