Stitch Mafia was created for a few different reasons. The first, to show people who think stitching might be a bit "old school", that it can be a totally cool hobby that brings people together in the real world. This ain't your Grandma's cross stitch! But we love Grandmas too and they are also a part of Stitch Mafia! We wanted to showcase that stereotypes of previous eras don't really apply here. Stitching (sewing, quilting, etc.) is as cool as you make it and own it, so here we are. 

What is Stitch Mafia

The second, and probably most meaningful reason we created this line, is to encourage people to come out of their shell. To be a bada** in their own sort of way. Many stitchers I have met over the past few years have all expressed to me how challenging it was to show up and walk into their first retreat. Or how challenging it was to start conversations with other stitchers they didn't know. We wanted to come up with a line that, while pretty funny and cute, also did something for the bigger picture. A brand that encouraged people to get out there. To give them courage to meet new people and express their opinions. In this day and age of online bullying and criticism, this is just our way of saying that we are here, we are stitchers, and we are super proud of it. 

The Stitch Mafia line is in its infancy, but one of our top priorities is to grow this segment of the business with a focus on anti-bullying and support for all. If you are another small business (or even a big one), and you have the same beliefs as we do, please let us know. We'd love to collaborate on some initiatives that get more people out there and embrace who they really are!