How to use a Needle Threader

Purist stitchers might tell you that a needle threader is not required, which is technically true. But it can save you tons of time and frustration, so we recommend grabbing one! They are a cheap little tool and you can easily find them at your local crafting store (or on our website for $1/piece!). You can also find self-threading needles. These are super handy if you are trying to pack lightly for a trip!

Use the gallery on your right and these easy steps to thread your needle using a needle threader:

  1. Slide metal wire of needle threader through hole (eye) of needle.

  2. Put floss through wire of needle threader.

  3. Pull needle off the needle threader.

  4. After you remove your needle in step 3, the floss will automatically end up through the eye of the needle. 

Using a threader will save you so much time and will help reduce optical strain.