Complimentary #BeWellAndStitch Pattern!

We wanted to do something special to contribute to the ongoing #BeWellAndStitch movement which started due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This pattern is a minimalized version of Fleurs D'Alexanne. Be creative with your floss and fabric choice and really make it your own! Most of all, use this stitch to stay connected during this difficult time. 

Just click the chart, add to cart, and use coupon code BEWELLANDSTITCH to download for free! 

Please use #ChelseaBunsCrossStitch and #ChelseaBunsBlackworkBrilliance when posting so we can follow your work on social! Also, please tag Chelsea if you are connected directly with her on Facebook! Enjoy and keep on stitchin'!


Stitched By: Button of Toronto, Ontario

The centre of Fleurs D'Annette framed in a hoop. The use of floss colour here is incredible. This is what I hope all stitchers of my designs do - make it their own!

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