How to Start Your Floss

There are many ways to start a thread in cross-stitch fabric. Our three favourites include the loop-start, the tucked-tail start, and the waste-knot start. 

Here we have described our personal favourite, the loop-start. It is, in our opinion, the quickest, easiest, and cleanest way to start thread. The one caveat to the loop-start is that it can only be used if you are stitching your project with two strands at a time.


Follow these simple directions and the gallery on your right to start a thread using the loop-start method:

  1. Push your needle through from the back side of the fabric but do not pull the floss all the way through.

  2. Complete the first half of your stitch, ensuring you still do not pull the thread through the fabric.

  3. Flip your fabric over so you can see the back side. The picture illustrates how your thread should look after steps 1 and 2.

    4. Slip your needle through the loop of thread didn’t pull through the fabric.

    5. Pull tight (but not enough to distort your fabric!) and you have your loop-start!