The Heart of Emerald City

Deep in a hidden fantasy world, Emerald City lies dormant awaiting the return of its gemstone heart. Only a certain hero/heroine will find it and bring it home - is that person you? 


This pattern was originally inspired by Sailor Moon/manga style and then blossomed from there. Featuring a large, heart gemstone in the middle and ombre blackwork shading, it is the perfect challenge for those looking for something a little different. If this look is too busy for you, eliminate the quilted blackwork background for a lighter look. 


We HIGHLY recommend using Evenweave for this project due to the high number of fractional start and end points on the backstitching. 


Stitch Count: 140 x 140
Size: 10" high x 10" wide when stitched 
Fabric: 28 count Evenweave 
Thread: Traditionally DMC 310 but please get creative! 
Needle: A size 26 tapestry needle is perfect but any should work 


File will be sent to you in PDF format after the transaction has been completed. File includes large, easy to read print and clear instructions. 


History: Blackwork is a historical form of counted embroidery work that was typically used to adorn the cuffs and collars of fine clothing. True blackwork was completely reversible so even if the cuff was flipped inside out, it would look the same. This series of patterns uses backstitch and are not designed to be truly reversible – just fun, easy (but intricate) stitching! Enjoy!



The Heart of Emerald City


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