Sew Fine Thread Gloss

No more tangled, knotted or static-y threads while you're stitching! Sew Fine Thread Gloss is a local product to Ottawa and helps tame your threads so they are less of a PITA! Available in a bunch of different gorgeous scents, this is a must have for the avid stitcher or sewist. 

To use: thread your needle and lay the thread close to the needle on the thread gloss. Using your thumb, put light pressure on the thread while you pull the thread along the top of the thread gloss. One or two light pulls should be plenty! Knot your thread and start stitching!

Sew Fine Thread Gloss

  • This thread gloss is too wide to fit through the Canada Post slot. This means that all orders that have Sew Fine included in them automatically have to go parcel mail which is more costly than regular letter mail. The shipping will be auto-calculated upon checkout so if it seems higher than usual, it is because this item will not go through the slot. 


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