LDH Matte Black Fabric Shears - Limited Edition

A spin on LDH's signature Midnight Edition Fabric Shears, these 9" fabric shears are handcrafted and hand-finished from industrial stainless steel and have a sleek matte black finish.  


What's the difference between the LDH Matte Black Shears and the LDH Midnight Edition Shears?

LDH Matte Black Shears are handcrafted from stainless steel, while the Midnight Edition Shears are handcrafted from carbon steel.  Aside from the material, the Matte Black Shears are designed to feel ultra-smooth and more suitable for quick cuts and trimming. The extra weight of the stainless steel aids in improving the overall control of your cuts, and is almost maintenance-free! 


Size: 9"

Weight:  270g



Handcrafted from heavy-duty industrial grade high carbon steel with a black anti-rust coating. 

Design :

The blades are slightly concave and perfectly aligned to allow them to cut through thick layers effortlessly.

Recommended Use:

They can cut through multiple layers of fabric, leather, fleece, vinyl, denim, plastics, kevlar, and other dense materials.

LDH Matte Black Fabric Shears - Limited Edition


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