Blackwork Band Study #1

The first of many blackwork band studies designed by Chelsea Buns Cross Stitch. This band study combines modern blackwork elements with an Elizabethan feel making it the perfect choice for any avid stitcher. Although shown in traditional blackwork style, this pattern would be stunning in an array of different fabric and floss colours. Be creative! The tapered top and bottom style also bodes well for bell-pull style finishing. 


Stitch Count: 80w x 192h (or switch it up like in our photos for this listing!)

Project Size: 6 inches wide x 14 inches high

Fabric: 14 count aida

Floss: Traditionally DMC 310 but be creative!


Blackwork is a historical form of counted embroidery work that was typically used to adorn the cuffs and collars of fine clothing. True blackwork was completely reversible so even if the cuff was flipped inside out, it would look the same. Clothing made with details this fine was only available to Royalty and the elite echelons of society back in the day. This series of patterns uses backstitch and are not designed to be truly reversible – just fun, easy (but intricate) stitching! Enjoy!

Blackwork Band Study #1


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