Holy Cow! We're Launched!

Less than 6 months ago, if you would have asked me if I would be writing a blog post for the launch of my online store, I would have told you you were crazy. But here we are! I'm so thrilled you are all here and honored that I get to share some really cool stuff with you. We've been able to source some things that I have never even seen before, which means I feel really good about the offering we are putting out there right at the start!

This is me on the right! I'm Chelsea. My hair looks particularly awesome in this picture... I assure you it's not like that on the daily (or you know, almost ever). It's Saturday evening and I'm working on trying to get the website 100% ready to go for this Monday. I am humbled by the fact that some people are actually relying on me hitting the publish button on Monday! It's a total dream come true for me. I am truly humbled by this and I really hope everyone thinks it was worth the wait!

I am on a little bit of a mission. Here's my short list: 1. To bring stitching and beautiful things to a bigger audience.

2. To combat bullying.

3. To help stitchers who suffer from anxiety have the confidence to get out into the stitching community and participate.

4. To keep the needle arts alive and well in this new and modern time.

And that's it! If you've read this far, you are amazing! Thank you! I'm all about kindness and compassion, and I'm a big advocate of self-love and respect. I might not be the best at practicing what I preach, but I think if we all remind each other of this, the world would be a better place! Big hugs folks, and happy shopping!