5 Short Weeks

It is officially five(ish) weeks after launching the site. I am truly humbled by the amount of engagement from the stitching community and how they have supported this little business from the get-go. I always knew that I loved the stitching community. For the overwhelming most part, it is filled with wonderful, authentic, lovely individuals who want to help others learn the craft. With warm hearts and creative souls, this community fills me with love and inspiration every day.

Five weeks ago I would have never guessed that so many of you would have ordered and supported this little stitchy venture. But people seem genuinely excited about their scissors and that is so surreal to me!

It hasn't been perfect. We've had vendors bail on orders we'd already paid for, we've had to pay for orders twice to correct obvious problems, etc. But through it all I am really happy with the decisions we've made and I think the product we sell reflects that. I am a firm believer that I wouldn't sell anything that I wouldn't purchase myself. I encourage EVERYONE who has purchased from us to honestly review our goods on our website. This helps other people immensely in their decision making process!

We've also had some awesome things happen. We attended an open house in Brighton, Ontario, at Ann's lovely shop Knowledge and Needles and we had a blast! People seemed to be excited we were there and I personally got to meet a ton of "new to me" stitchers!

May 4th, 2019 - Knowledge & Needles Open House - Brighton, Ontario

We just put in a reorder to stock up on some of our most popular pairs of scissors (thank you!) and the website will be updated as soon as it all gets here. In the meantime, our summer plans are to work on further defining the "Stitch Mafia" line of products and what the whole concept is about. I also have some handmade projects I'd like to list on the site. And the biggest goal is to get the first pattern finished, stitched, photographed, and on the shop for purchase!

Thanks again for all of your support. I am inspired to keep pushing forward so I can continue to bring you all new and cool stitchy related stuff. ❤