French Knot Tutorial

The French knot is a decorative stitch where the thread is wrapped around the needle multiple times, and then is passed back through the fabric creating a small dot of thread. These stitches are super versatile and add a different dimension to the project that calls for them. The most common use for French knots includes eyes (human, animal, etc.) and flowers.

For an easy way to complete a beautiful French Knot, use the gallery on the right and follow these instructions:

  1. Place your needle under the floss.

  2. Loop the thread around the needle two or three times depending on the size of knot you’d like. 

  3. Place your needle back through the fabric skipping a thread or a piece of weave in the process.

  4. Pull your thread through the knot ensuring it gathers in the process. This might take some practice so be patient!

If you find the French Knot a challenge, try the colonial knot or replace your knots with seed beads!