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Blackwork Stitching


Just a quick video showing some of my progress on a commissioned piece I am working on. Here are a few things included in this video that might help if you are stitching this piece (or any other modern blackwork piece): 

  • What type of fabric to use

  • Colour choices (black vs. palette)

  • Minor adjustments to make it your own

  • The total time it takes to stitch

Hope you enjoy and please send us a message if you have any questions!

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Our Bestsellers

New Release from Bella Filipina:


Queen        Goddess of the Sea

Magnificent, from her regal crown of rarest of pearls, down to her tail of ever-changing colors of the ocean - turquoise to the deepest of blues. And a voice of sweetest lullabies, calm and gentle. But don't be fooled, for she may cast the greatest power sitting from her throne. Her wrath, the mighty roars of the raging waves, she can be as devious and tempestuous as the sea.

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New to Stitching? 

Life's a Stitch: 
A Sassy Beginner's 
Guide to Cross-Stitch

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